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October 16, 2017
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Matching your Kitchen Splash-backs with your Countertops

The days of only using wall tiles as your splash-back finish in your kitchen, are long gone. Nowadays, there is an array of different finishes on the market that can be used to protect your kitchen walls as well as complete your kitchen design. From stained or coloured glass to pressed metal. However, with all these choices it can be overwhelming to decide on which counter top or splash-back finish you want, and it’s even harder to find ones that you love that also work well together. Here are some basic guidelines that you can follow in making the task at hand easier.

What is a splash-back?

A splash-back is a protective surface on your kitchen wall, intended to protect it from water, grease and splatters. Splash-backs perform a fairly basic task, yet can have a major effect to the look and design of your kitchen.

Use the same material for both. If you want to keep the process simple and straightforward, start by choosing the countertop and use that material for both the tops and the splash backs. This will give your kitchen a clean chic look.

If you select the countertop first.  This will narrow down the different options for the splash-backs, as you will have to find a finish that will work with your countertops. If you select a complex or busy countertop with lots of detail or colour (i.e. Niagra Gold Granite), consider going for a less complicated, neutral splash-back so that the countertop is the main focus. If the countertop is a solid colour such as Sahara Sand ProQuartz, you can then choose a busy or intricate backsplash (i.e. floral design wallpaper with glass overlay).

If you select the splash back first.  This is usually the case you when fall in love with a finish that at first site such as a wallpaper or mosaic tile.  As with selecting the counter top first, the same counts for selecting the splash backs – your choice of the counters will be narrowed down. As mentioned earlier, if you have a detailed patterned or coloured splash back, go for a neutral, more subtle benchtop and vice versa.

Whichever finish you choose first, it isn’t to say you can’t go with a mix of colour or pattern. However, it is best if you are going with different patterns to keep the same colour throughout. If you are going for varying colours, try to stick to a similar pattern or detail.

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