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Kitchen design trends for 2018 – What’s hot in the world of kitchen design?

Go big or go home, as they say. Kitchen design in 2018 is all about bold colours, textures and metallic finishes and surfaces. One can become playful but in a sophisticated manner. This year look out for the following trends, and see which you want to incorporate into your kitchen.


Bold, vibrant colour schemes

Vibrant colour schemes will be popular for 2018. It ranges from the more classical natural neutrals and oaks; to bold navy blues and emerald greens; dark greys and charcoal as well as warmer exotic shades of plumb, orange and tonalities. You can either introduce a pops of bright colour or embark on a complete colour overhaul. From cobalt blue to teal, blue are the colour of the moment when it comes to kitchen designs. It will surprise you at how well darker shades of blue cabinetry or surfaces can work in and/or enhance a kitchen space with its dramatic and luxurious feel.

Warm neutrals and gold accents

Chrome and satin still reign supreme if you want to keep it classic. However shiny brass, gold, copper or rose-gold is back in a big way. Combining golds or brass-tones with browns and organic materials gives your kitchen a warm and homey feel. Whereas, combining it with darker blues or greys, these metallic keeps the kitchen from looking nautical and cold and gives a form of sophistication to the room. You do not have to incorporate these metallic throughout your kitchen on the cabinetry (I don’t think we are there yet) rather make use of hardware, mixers and appliances.

The two-tone look is to stay

The two toned look has been popular over the last few years with lots of kitchens embracing black or grey. Although these colours are classic and will continue to trend but we will be seeing more pairings of white with organic woods or bolder pops of colour. By making use of two different colour and /or finishes on your floor and wall cabinets will adds some eye-catching contrast to your design and breaks up the monotony with a fun, layered look. Mixing and solid colours with woodgrain finishes is something that has proved extremely popular over the past few years. If you want to add texture and depth to their kitchens and woodgrains are the way to do it.

Design from the ground up with flooring

If you want to introduce colour into your kitchen, even if it is just a pop against neutral cabinetry; patterned floor-tiles are big trend this year. It’s a more subtle way to add impact than, say, a bold eye-level backsplash or cabinets.

Shaker style retains popularity

The shaker door is still a popular choice with kitchen buyers. Shaker offers distinctive yet practical styling as many consumers opt for a traditional design with unicolour matte finishes being very popular.

Single Level Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Since we are seeing less wall cabinets and more open floating-shelves, one of the changes emerging is the single level larger sizing, serving multiple uses islands. Islands will have more innovative storage solutions and will be fitted with various under-counter appliances while also providing seating.  To accommodate the increased size, islands are now beginning to extend into dining or living room with open plan designs. This ensures the kitchen island can be multi-functional without intruding into the kitchen space.

Handles are back

The overall linear look with handle-less doors proved very popular the past few years… but handles are coming back. Beautiful, ornate handles against modern cupboards and bright coppers/rose golds on shaker cabinetry doors. The possibilities are endless.

Let these trends serve as design inspiration for your 2018 kitchen renovation or construction.

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