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February 8, 2018
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What an island can add to your kitchen

In every kitchen there is the potential for great storage, display, and functionality. The sad fact is all kitchens don’t have enough space of all of these. A kitchen island can solves these problems. Kitchen islands create a functional social space with value added benefits. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider adding an island in your kitchen.

Extra Storage – Add additional functional storage space in your island with cleaver planed drawers, cupboards with vegetable baskets and recycling bins. This can help you to better organize your kitchen by taming any overflowing cabinets and drawers.

More counter space – Kitchen countertops are often cluttered with small appliances that limit your preparation space. An island gives you more counter space to prepare food without feeling cramped. Perhaps one of the most common reasons people choose to add an island is that it creates additional cooking space, which can be highly valuable in homes with little counter space.

Space for Additional Amenities – An additional benefit of kitchen islands that many people do not consider is that it gives you the space to add any additional amenities in your kitchen that there is no room for. Items such as a wine or bar fridge, microwave, extra oven, a prep bowl, water purifier, built-in chopping board, more plug-points, etc. This will increase the functionality and usability of your kitchen.

Additional Seating – If your kitchen floor space allows, you

can design an island big enough to double as a seating area. A row of barstools at the island gives you extra seating close to the kitchen. Having access to your family or guests is always an advantage while cooking and preparing meals.

Focal Point – By choosing different counter top or cabinetry colour or finish will create a focal point in your kitchen. Combine functionality and aesthetics with open shelving or cubicles. There are endless sizes and designs of kitchen islands to fit your kitchen. With so many material and design options, you’re sure to find the best fit for your kitchen, creating a centrepiece you’ll enjoy for years.


While we have highlighted a few of the benefits of adding an island, there are many more reasons to consider doing so.

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