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April 1, 2018
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April 30, 2018

Enhance your Kitchen with the Countertops

Your countertops play a starring role in your kitchen design and picking the right one is one of the biggest decisions you will make during any kitchen renovation. The question now stands… do you has to have one type of surface or one continuous colour throughout? Combining different styles of countertops in contrasting colours and textures has several benefits. Here are 3 ways countertops can create visual drama, offer versatility and enhance the look of your kitchen.


Contrasting colours

The first option is choose a countertop colour contrasting to the cabinetry colour. If you’re looking for more of a classic look that will stand the test of time (and be appealing, not off-putting, to future homeowners), consider using black or dark colour quartz or granite countertops with white cabinetry. In park this will create visual drama without being overwhelming.

Alternatively, make use of two different colour or patterned countertops. The best way to start is to look for two stones with similar or complementary colours that have distinct patterns and vice versa. A good rule of thumb is to not mix two stones that look very similar. If you select a pair of quartz or granite countertops that look too similar, it might look more accidentally than innovative.

Mix-and-match countertop examples we have combined through-out the years:

  • Super white quartz island countertop with black quartz on the surrounding counters.
  • Light grey cabinetry with white quartz counters and vice versa.
  • Dark cream island counter and light cream (almost white) quartz on the surrounding counters.
  • Combine solid colour granite and a granite with more movement.
  • White marble-look quartz combined with pure white counters.
  • Black and grey or two white quartz counters with the same pattern; The list can carry on and on… 


Different textures

Texture does not only have to be present in the cabinetry and soft furnishings. There is a growing trend for natural counter tops for more traditional type kitchens that reflects an individual’s personal style. Wood is the stalwart of the kitchen surface, but if you want something a bit different, combine wood it with a contemporary quartz countertop. For instance combine white cabinets with a wood countertop on the island and and white counters on the surrounding cabinets. Alternatively, choose two different granite or quartz colours and accent colour or texture with wood or glass. Remember it’s best to keep both dominant colours simple, yet complementary. The third accent, the wood counter, will bring some attitude and will help to tie the three of colours and textures together into a cohesive theme.


Colour burst

Brightly coloured countertops are not a choice for the faint of heart. The cost and permanence makes this choice an incredibly bold statement, but if done right they show off a homeowner’s fun and carefree personality. For the adventurous individual, there are numerous alternative colours and textures available – Shades of green, orange, red, blue or with metallic sparkles granite, quartz or glass counters. Go bold by either using these alternative or unusual colour countertops throughout the kitchen on white or simplistic cabinetry; or incorporate a pop-of-colour onto your island. Don’t be afraid to go bold instead of bland. Once you see it, you may never choose a traditional colour tone again.

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