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July 27, 2018
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Full kitchen fit-out with FIT

You have chosen your ideal kitchen design, and now you just need to add the finishing touches – accessories and innovative storage solutions. We know keeping your kitchen organized can be an ongoing challenge and; as a functional space; most items need to be stored out of sight, but be close at hand.

There are plenty of creative kitchen storage solutions on the market today. However, the preferred supplier we use is FIT (Furniture Installation Technologies). FIT provides innovative, high quality storage solutions without sacrificing your kitchen, style or budget. They supply customers with brands such as Vibo (from Italy) and Indaux (Spain) in a wide range of space-savvy storage solutions to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Here are some of our favourite FIT storage fittings we try to incorporate into every kitchen:


Flexi Bin

Recycling is no more a trend – it’s a necessity. To assist your recycling efforts, instead of having different bins to sort and store different things to recycle, this Flexi Bin is a 4-in-1 waste solution. With four containers for different recyclables, this dependable waste management solutions from FIT, is hygienic and easy to use on a daily basis. By incorporating this fitting into only one of your kitchen cupboards, it will not only be out of sight, but always close at hand for convenience.













Pull-out Broom Holder

Cleaning supplies aren’t usually the most attractive things to have out on display, which may be necessary if you don’t have the space to keep them out of sight. They are awkwardly sized and shaped, and they fall over at the slightest bump. Just 150 mm wide, the FIT chrome Pull-out Broom holder stores brooms, mops and cleaning supplies in any kitchen or laundry without taking up unnecessary space that can be used for other storage. This fitting can be added alongside a grocery cabinet or next to the fridge, that’s how little space it takes-up.












Pull-out Dishrack

You’ll never need to dry the dishes, nor look at the stack of dishes on the drying-rack again with this innovative solution. This resourceful fitting looks like a normal pot drawer, but it is actually a drying rack with aluminium drip tray built into a drawer. This soft-closing drawer with concealed fitting will leave you with plenty of counter space, especially if you have limited counter space to begin with.













No part of your kitchen should be inaccessible, especially those blind corners. The Fly-moon is designed to maximize storage space in blind corner cabinets. This fitting makes excellent use of otherwise hard to reach spaces and conjure up stored items from the depths of the cabinet,

bringing them into full view with the two pull-out pivoting shelves.















Pull-out Larder

Large or small, any kitchen needs some sort of grocery / pantry unit. Nowadays, unfortunately, we have limited space in our kitchens for these big storage units. The Pull-out Larder system from FIT is a handy way to organise all your packets, bottles and grocery’s for easy access, without using a large amount of space. A sliding pantry shelving system that pulls-out horizontally with access to your pantry baskets from both sides. Aside from keeping everything within your reach, these kitchen organisers also clear out your kitchen clutter.














We have mentioned but a few of our favourite fittings and storage solutions, FIT still has a vast array of options to choose from. All FIT products are covered by a comprehensive guarantee and that’s one of the many reasons why we and our clients always opt for FIT fittings first. Visit the FIT website or at the Decorex Joburg 2018 at the Gallagher Convention Centre from 8 – 12 August.

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