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August 29, 2018
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Add that wow factor to your kitchen with a Larder

Nowadays not everyone can have a walk-in pantry. This leaves you using your kitchen cabinetry, which was meant for crockery and cookware, for your grocery storage. Cue some of the ingenious solutions for creating more storage space form FIT.

FIT provides innovative, high quality storage solutions without sacrificing your kitchen style or budget. They supply customers with brands such as Vibo (from Italy) and Indaux (Spain) in a wide range of space-savvy storage solutions to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

FITs’ full-height Pull-out Larder systems are attractive fittings in a variety of different applications to make clever grocery storage possible in any kitchen. The idea of clever storage is that stored food can be seen at a glance, not hidden in the dark recesses of a cabinet or shelf. Less time looking means more time cooking. It’s a handy, easy to use, way to organise all your condiments (sauces), canned foods, pastas, baking ingredients and other groceries for easy access; without using a large amount of space that can be better utilised.

The Larder systems baskets can be individually hung at heights to suit the contents and allows you to fill up the whole width and height of the tall cabinet. Full extending baskets for easy access and with soft close; as with all FIT’s larder fittings. The systems are available in both the Galaxy (white solid base baskets) and Parnerline (chrome wire baskets) ranges. FIT offer the following various larder units:


Pull-out Larder – The larder unit is designed so that when the cabinet door is pulled open the baskets follow suit, allowing you to see exactly what you have in the press.


Rotating Pull-out Larder – Instead of having a standard pull-out Larder unit that you can access from either side of the door, this Rotating Pull-out Larder swivels towards you as the door is pulled open (only alavalible in the Galaxy range).


Butler Larder – If your kitchen has the space to have more than one grocery unit, the Butler Larder will be the perfect choice. Doubling-up!


FIT’s Larder system are covered by a comprehensive guarantee and that’s one of the many reasons why we and our clients always opt for FIT fittings first. Ergo Designer Kitchens will be showcasing these Larder systems and other FIT fittings at this year’s Pretoria Homemakers Expo from 28 – 30 September 2018 at the Sun Arena Times Square.

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