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Decorate your kitchen with a splash of Greenery

I know the majority of us are scared to add plants in our homes never mind our kitchens. What if they die or we don’t have time to take care of them.  But these plants are fool proof. Weather you have a green thumb or not. Adding these plants in your kitchen is a great way to add a splash of color. They don’t only look great but they also purify the air in your kitchen and improve productivity.


English Ivy ( Hendera Helix )


If you have little counter space the English Ivy is perfect for your kitchen. This little green gem is perfect for hanging over your sink or by a window. Its pointy leaves comes in different shades of greens, yellows, whites and even blacks, you can be sure to find the perfect colour combination for your kitchen.

Ivy helps to purify air. It is one of the reducers of indoor pollutants such as benzene, mold and bacteria. It’s a late season nectar source, in autumn ivy has small little yellow flowers, which provides essential reserves needed for adult butterflies to hibernate over winter. Even though Ivy purifies the air and help our little flying friends please make sure you keep this plant out of reach of your four legged friends. English Ivy is toxic to them.



The African Spear ( Sansevieria Cylindrica )


This plant is rapidly becoming more and more popular for indoor use. As the name implies the form of their leaves are almost cylinder like forming a smooth pointy spike that creates an abstract sculpture like form that can stand out among your cabinets. This lovely plant can tolerate little light. They thrive in under-cabinet light alone. You can water them once every 2 weeks – the lower its light conditions the less water they need.

So if you don’t have a lot of time to nurture a plant during the week these are basically fool proof. They can survive in almost any weather conditions from extreme drought to very cold conditions.




Aleo Vera ( Aloa Barbadensis Mille )


Where can I even start? This plant is fantastic. It is like having 24/7 pharmacy in your kitchen. These plants are referred to as the immortality plants. They are filled with vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin. Place your Aloe plant next to your oven or stove, it’s perfect to help treat burn wounds.  The gel on the inside of the Aloe creates an instant cooling effect.

They are easy to maintain. Just like the African Spear they can also live in extreme weather conditions – another fool proof plant.





The Chinese Evergreen ( Aglaonema )


This is a hybrid of two tropical plants. Like the African Spear, the Chinese evergreen adapts to dry and low-light conditions. Their leaves are marble like with silver, white and cream. Great to add some texture to your kitchen. These plants are great to remove toxins from the air and it basically takes care of themselves. They never requires pruning, because they grow from the crown.







White/ Winter Jasmine ( Jasminum Polyanthum )


It’s difficult to keep most flowering plants alive indoors, but the white jasmine (sometimes called pink jasmine, depending on the coloring) does well inside, especially in the winter months. They do need a bit more attention as the above mentioned but is totally worth it. To ensure that they thrive you have to keep the soil moist. This plant enhances your kitchens environment with sweet aromas. They help to keep your kitchen smelling fresh even if you forgot to wash the dishes for a while.


Consider bringing one of these plants into your kitchen. They’re all pretty easy to care for, which means you can’t really mess this up.


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