The ‘Dark Side’ of 2019 Kitchen Designs

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Jan 08
Whether you're planning to remodel your kitchen or get inspired for a simple refresh, here are our top kitchen design trends to consider for 2019. Some we will see within the coming months and some will be micro trends just peeking out that will take some people a good year

An effective single-wall kitchen design

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Nov 06
While the work triangle may be the most efficient way to organize a kitchen, your space might not permit it. If you are working with a small space, aligning all your cooking space and appliances on one wall can make your kitchen feel more efficient. Single-wall kitchen designs are typically

Designing a Country Style Kitchen

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Oct 19
Country kitchens have really come into their own these past few years; with their cosy look, homely feel, and rustic style, they're timeless. While country kitchens aren't anything new; the overall feel is calm, but the aesthetic makes an impact; fresh trends are emerging. Want to recreate a warm and

Where should the microwave go?

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Oct 08
Perhaps the most often used appliance in kitchens today is the microwave. But where is the perfect place for microwaves in the kitchen? They are must-have appliances for many, but they sure do have large, ugly footprints. So, do you prioritize saving space over aesthetics? Put it where you can