Where should the microwave go?

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Oct 08
Perhaps the most often used appliance in kitchens today is the microwave. But where is the perfect place for microwaves in the kitchen? They are must-have appliances for many, but they sure do have large, ugly footprints. So, do you prioritize saving space over aesthetics? Put it where you can

Add that wow factor to your kitchen with a Larder

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Sep 18
Nowadays not everyone can have a walk-in pantry. This leaves you using your kitchen cabinetry, which was meant for crockery and cookware, for your grocery storage. Cue some of the ingenious solutions for creating more storage space form FIT. FIT provides innovative, high quality storage solutions without sacrificing your kitchen

Dekton, more than just a countertop

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Aug 29
Kitchen countertops take a lot of abuse, stains and some-times heat. Are you looking for a countertop surface that can withstand heat, stains and major scratching? An innovative new material has been developed by Cosentino, the same company behind Silestone – Dekton. Dekton surfaces are a highly durable synthetic blend

Full kitchen fit-out with FIT

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Aug 06
You have chosen your ideal kitchen design, and now you just need to add the finishing touches – accessories and innovative storage solutions. We know keeping your kitchen organized can be an ongoing challenge and; as a functional space; most items need to be stored out of sight, but be