Why Grey Kitchen Cabinets?

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Jul 10
Before you choose the colour palette of your kitchen, think about grey? Grey can as feel like an odd colour that’s usually associated with cold dark and dull spaces; and can leave a modest and depressing impression. But somehow, something about grey just works perfectly in kitchen designs. Because it

Choosing the right flooring for your space

Antoinette Prinsloo   
Jun 13
There are many elements to consider when choosing the right flooring type for your kitchen, or any other space for that matter. Choosing your kitchen flooring is a big decision. Not only does it have to be long lasting, it also has to fit with the overall design of the

Countertop care and maintenance – Easy guidelines to keep your Countertops clean and protected

Antoinette Prinsloo   
May 28
Whether in the kitchen or bath, countertops get constant use, so caring for them properly is the best way to protect your investment and maintain their good looks for as long as possible. Your work surfaces can become damaged if mistreated. General guidelines to follow no matter what type of

Easy guidelines to keep your kitchen doors & panels looking fantastic

Antoinette Prinsloo   
May 13
So you’ve splashed out on a new kitchen, but how to keep that crisp and clean when you’ll be busy cooking, eating and spending time in it? Here is some helpful guidelines that you can follow:   Melamine Doors and Panels With these maintenance-free cabinet doors and panels, you won’t