We are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting of the right kind of finish for our kitchen. With the endless choices of finishes on offer in the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? There are numerous factors behind this decision – functionality, quality, appearance, the budget and value being the foremost considerations.

Currently, one of the most popular choices is High-gloss Laminate (acrylic films) kitchens. Not just because they are extremely stylish and modern, but also hard wearing and easy to keep clean. A High-gloss laminate board is made up by bonding of a thick sheet of acrylic onto a double faced white melamine board / MDF board. Some of the product features of these laminates are: Excellent scratch resistance; scour resistance; no polishing required after removal of the protective film once installed; increased UV resistance and stability and excellent chemical resistance. Depending on your choice of supplier, High-gloss laminates comes in an array of pre-determined plain and metallic colour options to choose from. Given their aesthetic appeal and easy to clean properties, acrylic finished cabinets are more expensive when compared to High-gloss Duco, and not all of our budgets allow us to make use of it.

However, there is a more affordable product with unlimited colours to choose from – even pink… matt, satin or High-gloss Duco. This is a smooth and silky painted finish on a MDF (side note) door of any profile from an ultra-modern sleek to French provincial cosy kitchens. The profile of the door dictates the feel and look of the kitchen or cupboard. The less detail and pattern on the door, the more clean and uncluttered the look. Except of the unlimited colour and style choices, Duco finished cabinetry is smooth, an easy to clean surface; it has no exposed seams and is relatively water-resistant.

Side note:
Medium density fibreboard, or MDF, is a composite wood product. It′s made out of wood fine particles or fibres glued together with resin, heat, and pressure. MDF is appropriate for many applications because it is smooth with no grains, uniform, warp resistant, easily machined (cut, drilled, machined and sanded without damaging the surface).It is stronger and denser than chipboard and has a mild reaction to moisture, meaning it won′t warp or swell in high-humidity applications like a kitchen or bathroom cabinet.

Off course, a good kitchens designer will be able to guide you through the entire process of choosing the right finish for your kitchen cabinetry (keeping your budget in mind ,of course) and this is one of the many reasons why hiring a reputed design company is recommended.

March 20, 2017

Going Modern? How about Laminate or Duco?

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting of the right kind of finish for our kitchen. With the endless choices of finishes on […]