Do you hate the monotony of your current kitchen design? There’s no reason why you can’t add that same flavour to your kitchen. One popular trend is mixing various kitchen elements to break up the monotony of uniform cabinetry. Such as different wall colours, wall finishes, hardware, countertops, and decorative accessories. However, let put all of those aside and have a look at the different cabinetry options once can opt for.

Glass doors
Placing glass doors on a few cabinets is a popular trend that continues to gain traction. Not only do they break up the monotony of repetitive of the solid cabinets, glass doors add both form and functional appeal. These cabinets can be used to show off your beautiful glassware, crockery and collectibles – keeping them out of the way but still beautifully on display. In addition, glass cabinet create an illusion of depth giving your kitchen more dimension and overall style.
If you prefer cabinet contents to be hidden, take advantage of decorative glass options such as frosted or sandblasted. However, nowadays popular options to consider is the wide variety of different colours, textured or printed options available. Decorative glass is also a fun way to interrupt clear glass fronts with something more exciting.


Open Shelving
If you are one of those people that love the informal, relaxed look open shelving gives to the kitchen and are not terrified of having to keep the shelves and dishes clean from dust; this might be a great option to break away from the monotony. Open shelves add a visual contrast to any kitchen. These shelves can make a small kitchen look and feel bigger. They are a perfect option to highlight your accent pieces and collectables.


Mixing & Matching
Old faithful. This option is really only limited by your imagination and offers a rather unique look. Steer away from a minimal, matchy-matchy look and work a clutch of different materials into your space for a really fresh, unique space. One can either play with different colours and shades on the cabinets or use a mixture of different woods, combining dark and light. For instance, you can choose a different colour for your floor cabinets from what you choose for your wall cabinets (dark at the bottom, light at the top – tuxedo look). White cabinets with a wood island or traditional white cabinets with a rich black island are just a few ways you can add warmth, richness and dimension to your kitchen design. Alternatively, you can use different cabinetry doors altogether. Shaker panelled doors mixed together with flat. These finishing touches break up the monotony that cabinets typically bring to a room.


Unique Furniture Pieces
An up and coming trend (which I’m very excited about) is Standout. Incorporate a modern or antique unique furniture piece or a furniture-style cabinet separate from the kitchen cabinetry that serves stylistic and practical functions. Don’t overlook the opportunity to bring pre-loved furniture into your kitchen; this creates a pleasant contrast with the more modern kitchen cabinet styles and decor. If the kitchen is part of an open floor plan, a standout is often used to pair the kitchen with another room, such as a dining, family or living room. These units also add extra storage or display surfaces in any kitchen. Common examples of kitchen standouts include china cabinets, armoires, sideboards or chests of drawers.


Organize Storage
Who said that groceries need to be stored behind cabinet doors? Another way to break away from the Monotony is by adding open kitchen units with baskets, crates or boxes to store some of your groceries or disguise any clutter. Besides looking good, they will add texture and give a nice rustic look to the kitchen.


We have found that by using more than one always a better choice. Ultimately it’s all up to you if you want to incorporate one or more of these options to create an eye-catching, non-monotony kitchen design.

July 27, 2018

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Do you hate the monotony of your current kitchen design? There’s no reason why you can’t add that same flavour to your kitchen. One popular trend […]
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