How often do you go to close your kitchen cabinet door or drawer and it slams shut, making a really loud noise and throwing the contents of the cabinet or drawer all about? If you’re like the millions of people without soft-close mechanisms, then it probably happens more often than you’d like it to.

Soft-close mechanisms on kitchen drawers and cabinets door are a great feature for any kitchen. The soft-close feature allows the doors to close softly and is becoming very popular in most modern kitchens. The benefits of soft close hinges and runners in your kitchen go beyond cost cutting, see for yourself:


No more noise

Starting with the obvious benefit, you never have to worry about slamming your cabinet doors shut ever again. There is something pleasurable about the elegance with which soft-close hinges and runners help the kitchen doors and drawers to glide shut with little to no assistance and greatly reduced noise.

Keeps the contents intact

Banging the cabinet doors and drawers often tend to disorganize the content within the cabinet. The soft close feature prevents breakage and keeps the contents in place.



If your children are very young, soft-close mechanisms will prevent their little fingers from being slammed or pinched while they learn to navigate the kitchen.






Extend the Life of Your Cabinets

Kitchen doors and drawers receive heavy use daily, and so are some of the most likely parts of your home to require regular maintenance and occasional replacement. However, the soft-close mechanisms ensure that the drawers and doors are closed properly and put less stress on the hinges, drawer rails, and drawer stops. They also keep marks from forming on carcass due to slammed doors, and prevent cracks and dents from forming on the doors and drawers themselves.


Soft-close hinges and runners come in various styles and can fit any kitchen cabinet and drawer. We at Ergo Designer Kitchens endorse the assortment of soft-closing mechanisms from FIT. For more information on their products, visit the FIT web site or contact us.

March 8, 2019

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How often do you go to close your kitchen cabinet door or drawer and it slams shut, making a really loud noise and throwing the contents […]
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